Meeting the Challenges of Multiple Locations

Businesses that operate multiple locations have unique challenges. Owners have to be cognizant of the brand as a whole, yet be aware of how each store or branch is performing individually. Franchises are a bit easier to manage because they are independently owned, but the image and conduct still reflects on the brand. One way to keep abreast of topics in both arenas is to utilize online platforms designed for multiple location businesses in the retail, automotive, and restaurant industries, among others. Platforms are easy to customize and cost-effective for any sized business. They are available as a service via subscription based on the number of users.

Small businesses can afford Platforms as a Service (PaaS) because most subscriptions begin with an entry level pricing that includes five users. Pricing and packages vary depending on the company supplying the services and the number of platforms utilized. Large businesses can ensure continuity of reporting and bench marking when locations utilize the same platforms. It will be easier to compare performances when each area submits data in the same components and format. Discrepancies can be detected at a glance, saving a substantial amount of time.

Platforms provide information for the entire business, as well as each particular location. There are even platforms that focus on localized information. Chatmeter Local Brand Management, for example, include local listing management and local search engine optimization (SEO) rank tracking. Local SEO is as important to a business as overall SEO in terms of being seen by potential customers. People utilize mobile devices more than desktops today so it is easier to do an internet search for a specific location than it is to refer to a newspaper.

Local information is helpful for marketing purposes, measuring performance and successes, and identifying targeted audiences. It can help determine which products will sell well in a particular location, which combination meals to promote, and which services to put on sale based on what vehicles are prominent in the area. Competitor monitoring, another available platform, can be used to determine a profitable location for a new business branch or store. Business owners will be better equipped to meet the challenges associated with multiple locations.