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Pros of Using Stem Cell Therapy for Medical Interventions

Science and research have led to many helpful discoveries benefiting human beings. Quality of life has improved a lot due to the technological innovations especially in this century alone. So much innovation has come from the field of medicine. A number of advancements in technology have led to better methods of treatment. Today people are capable of things they could only dream of a few decades back. Stem cell therapy is definitely one of the key discoveries in health science. This area of research majors on the way scientists use stem cells from specific body parts to help improve other ailing body parts. Stem cell therapy, like the name suggests, is the use of stem cells to help the body heal certain illnesses. Stem cell therapy forms depend on the condition one suffers from. Below are some of the advantages of this therapy.

Helps in Treating Heart Problems

Cardio vascular disease really affect the flow and circulation of blood, making it hard for oxygen to move around the body. Despite this fact, the body usually has a way of self-healing. Studies have shown that the stem cells found in the bone marrow can repair the damaged areas of the heart. This is due to their ability to produce several growth factors, which can easily differentiate. Stem cell therapy helps in the fast development and formation of blood vessels. The therapy is credited for reduced heart problems that result from bad cardiac outputs. Umbilical cord blood cells, embryonic stem cells, and muscle stem cells are examples of some of the cells that can help in treating heart conditions.
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Suitable Therapy Method
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In comparison to other previous therapeutic methods, this type of therapy is very simple. The use of a procedure called mini liposuction reduces the degree of pain that was experienced by the patient before the procedure. Stem cell transplant was a very painful process in the past because it involved surgically placing bone marrow cells on to the injured areas.

Treats Neurodegenerative Diseases

The improvement of synaptic circuits and reduction of degeneration symptoms can be facilitated by stem cell therapy. Studies on the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s show that stem cells have the ability to reduce progression of the disease and improve the way the brain functions. Neurodegenerative diseases can be treated in different ways when using stem cell grafting. This is done through eliminating those neurons damaged by lesions which come up due to stroke.

Ethically Accepted

Stem cell therapy is one of the safest methods of cell harvesting. Therefore, it means that one does not have to worry about the procedure to be carried out being unethical. None of the cells are taken through any form of unethical practice, that is not medically accepted. Most of the cells are acquired from fatty areas such as the stomach or buttocks. To avoid any form of harm to the Patients, medical doctors are careful not to use cells from any part of the body that may cause this risk.