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Information About Portable Air Conditioning

It has been more than seventy years now since the first air conditioning unit was invented. Because of the rapid change of our climate , air conditioning units are becoming necessary. Even if these units are considered as a necessity, for some people it is considered as a luxury. There are actually different kinds of air conditioning units such as portable and central air conditioning units. Central air conditioning units are expensive especially if you buy it for a house or for small enclosed spaces. If you are planning to use these units in small enclosed spaces or in a house then you should purchase a portable air conditioning unit. This kind of unit is cheaper than other types of air conditioning and a lot of homeowners use this kind of unit.

Portable air conditioning unit

Portable air conditioning units are smaller than wall mounted units and central units. This unit weighs about 36 kilos and it is about twenty nine up to thirty four inches tall. Another benefit of using this unit since it does not require permanent installation. Portable air conditioner is also called portable air cooler. Portable air conditioner has a Freon and compressor which serves as a coolant. This is why they can cool the temperature of a room and it also has a dehumidifying effect.
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First you must find a space for the unit and make sure that there is an outlet where you can plug the unit and an exhaust vent for the hot air that will be released.
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Here is the process on how portable air conditioning units works:Process on how portable air conditioning units works:

The process of this kind of unit is similar to central air conditioning unit. This kind of unit has a refrigerator cycle and a Freon to cool a space. Portable air conditioners has box frame with a cold side and a hot side and an exhaust hose to release the hot air. This hose is about 7 feet long. Cooling provides condensation and this is reused to cool the portable air conditioning unit. However, there could also be excess condensate.

There are actually ways that you can do to remove the excess condensate:

A. Evaporative removal-in this process the condensate will evaporate and will be eliminated through the main hose.

B. Manual removal- In this removal process the condensate will actually accumulate in the tray or bucket that is in the unit and can be easily removed anytime.

Venting will be eliminated to the window and it can be done with an adaptor kit. This is part of the portable air conditioning unit. The adaptor kit will keep the vent hose in place.